Orla Kiely F/W 2013

File this post under presentations I'm truly bummed I can't attend. Luckily (for all of us), some bloggers did witness the Orla Kiely Fall/Winter presentation firsthand and we can all envy their experience via these pictures (Orla Kiely's instagram even featured the messages the models were typing). Mad Men-esque offices served as the scene that had models typing and filing before walking the runway. The clothing styles are typical of Orla Kiely's usual fare, but far from boring in energetic colors and shapes--the 60s influence couldn't be more timely, I expect to see a lot more of these shapes and colors in the coming spring and fall. It really seems like a perfect presention: gorgeous clothes and great staging. Photos from here and here.



  1. I couldn't agree more, Rebecca. I love this entire collection!

  2. While this whole mad men office setting reminded me of an era when working as secretary was one of the only few career choices for even the brightest and most ambitious women, I absolutely adore the clothes of Orla Kiely F/W 2013 line.

  3. I have see this presentation in other blog but i'm always in love with this collection ! I want it all !

  4. I am officially in love with this collection! :)xx


  5. Love this collection.i've never seen this presentation in another blog i realy love this collection


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