People Will Talk

People Will Talk is a movie I vaguely remembered from childhood in. In a "was that really a movie or something I made up" way. Having found it on Netflix and starring none other than Cary Grant I am assured it wasn't some fevered childhood memory. The reason for questioning its existence is one of the crucial plot points of the film (which I am resisting revealing). I'm not sure whether the film should be labeled as comedy, drama, or romance; in the end it's all three. Spear-headed by the charismatic-as-always Grant playing Dr. Praetorious: an intelligent and sensitive doctor who cares for his patients minds, bodies, souls and likes to conduct orchestras on the side and build model trains...Following the good doctor through his moments of genius and whimsy is a near-silent friend (Finlay Currie) whose mysterious presence becomes central in an investigation on the doctor's past. Full of political commentary and subtle hilarity it is an undeniably intelligent film despite the sometimes unwieldy plot and definitely a must-see for vintage film buffs.


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