Stolen Moments

I'm writing this post on my phone, backstage at Carnegie Hall in snippets of stolen moments. For the past week I've been chaperoning a group of young musicians from abroad and it's been a hectic schedule--I'm typically on duty from 6:30 AM to 11:00PM but I'm in a rare moment of calm right now as the kids rehearse for their biggest performance yet to a sold out house. The dressing room is quiet and I'm seated looking out at New York City skyscrapers and apartment buildings while a charming blend of traditional Afghan music and classical plays in the background. It's so different from my usual scenery and sounds (my sister once claimed the mixes playing in my car sounded like a hipster elevator), but at this particular moment I wouldn't change anything. These pictures were snapped on one of my final days in Pennsylvamia and I know the pastoral settings I so enjoy will be waiting unchanged for me when I get back. If my schedule permits I'll be sharing new pictures from my adventures shortly.

Outfit details:
thrifted hat
thrifted cardigan
Thank You Mart socks
Rebecca Minkoff backpack
*pictures by Jon



  1. Love those boots!


  2. Wow! You look so adorable and cute in these pictures.. I love your brwon boots actually Rebecca! Nicely done!:-)

  3. I think that's FANTASTIC that you're chaperoning young musicians, let alone at Carnegie Hall! I follow you on IG and saw the photos. The days leading up to their performance must be just as magical as the big day. Loving the outfit too! You have the best hat collection, I must say.

  4. Those riding boots are awesome! And it's so cool you're chaperoning young musicians. Were you a musician in high school/college? :)
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  5. Me encanta! lovely hat and dress n.n <3!


  6. The boots are way cool! And how amazing are those space lollipops??!! They just wow'd me big time! xx

  7. This outfit is so great, your hat look like a cherry of the cake !

  8. thanks for the 411 on the Vintage Confections. these are a great gift idea.

  9. Wait, what is the music group that you're chaperoning? I weirdly just had someone tell me they were doing that recently...


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