Life Is Like Sanskrit Read To A Pony

I've been hanging out in a lot of theaters and backstage areas for the past couple of weeks and while the setting and sitting is getting monotonous the music hasn't yet. It's really interesting to observe the change from practice to performance and hear a piece together. Also, so many of the instruments are new to me and the musical arrangements as well. This is the group I'm chaperoning, for anyone who's curious in getting a taste of their music. That performance really doesn't compare to some of their best moments or just hearing the kids mess around during breaks. These pictures were snapped quickly in the back of a theater while the group rehearsed--it's been hectic fitting blogging in between chaperoning. We're with the students from the early morning until late at night, eating meals together and everything--there's no time off until they're in bed at night; which is why it's good they're such a wonderful group to be around!

Outfit details:
ASOS sweater, old
vintage shoes
Zara purse
*pictures by Jon


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