Apt To Be Repeated

This outfit was heavily influenced by too many viewings of this music video. Every outfit in that video is pretty much perfect and it inspired me to bring out a vintage coat I hadn't worn all winter and unearth my leopard print shoes. I have this problem with music (and music videos I suppose) where I just fall in love with a CD or somg and listen to them on repeat. I'll play one CD every time I'm at my computer or in my car for a couple of weeks straight until I'm sick of it. It's hard for me to find balance; when I enjoy something like that I tend to get a bit addicted. There's this thing about songs, similar to certain books or merely passages in books, where they just resonate. They fit perfectly with what you're feeling in that moment and playing them in the background while you check e-mails or drive through traffic makes things seem better and more poignant. And why would you give up that feeling when you can hit repeat?

Outfit details:
vintage coat
Onze dress (similar here)



  1. I love this outfit, the coat is so beautiful and those shoes are amazing xx

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  2. Yes, I am exactly the same...I will listen to a song on continuous loop until I can't bear to hear it anymore and subsequently, won't do so for

    Love the shade of the coat!

  3. I totally second your thoughts. Although, sometimes I feel guilty about doing so as if I'm limiting myself to new possibilities is all. By the way, I've been missing this train track scene in your blog. So happy to see it again! :)

  4. I love that video too. Actually, I like the video a lot more than the song. Love that color of that coat with the black. :)

  5. I already loved this song but hadn't seen the video before!

    Definitely hints of Anna Karina and Jean Paul Belmondo here :)

  6. That dress is perfect! I love the colour of your coat too.

  7. Beautiful green coat. Lovely pictures on the tracks!

  8. I love your reinterpretation/inspiration that you got from the music video! So timeless and chic :)

  9. Those heels are awesome! I love the animal print!


  10. the shoes!! love. those. shoes.


  11. Oh I love your coat. Please wear it more often!!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  12. I just found your blog and I'm totally smitten with your style! You've gained a new blog follower in me :)


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