Honeymoon Hotel

I wasn't a huge fan of slip dresses at Louis Vuitton's Fall 2013 hotel-themed collection, but they seemed to make an impression on me after all. (Side note: did anyone else picture the skit "Honeymoon Hotel" from the 1933 film Footlight Parade in their head while viewing the show..?) I liked the 1940s influence in the collection, but I really wish "pajama dressing" would cease to be such a 'fashion' thing...I also cringed for the models in the last few looks who were in rather revealing garments (sheer and slipped off of shoulders in a couple of instances). I'm sure it's one thing to pose in such a garment for an editorial in a relatively controlled environment, but from personal experience I can state the camera pit at the end of a runway is anything but civilized or controlled. Sometimes photographers even shout things out at the poor girls (who can often be defined as girls by their age); so walking down that runway in revealing garment? Ugh, so much sympathy for those ladies and it sort of colors my enjoyment of a collection. Still, despite my discomfort for those girls (or perhaps because of it) the collection stuck with me and I found myself gravitating to the closest thing I had to a slip-dress in my own closet. I tried to go for more of a interesting color combination than a "too lazy to get fully dressed today" look.

Outfit details: 
vintage feather fascinator
slip dress, similar here
Marais USA loafers
Zara purse



  1. Love those tights!

  2. Your tights and bag match so well!



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