March Sounds

Perhaps it was the mostly terrible weather we had this March (still so cold, still snowing off and on, still ugh), but a lot of the tunes that seemed "right" for this mix feel a bit angry/sad grrrl. Which isn't bad, just a switch from my usual folksy-rock-indie-band infatuation. Listen here (or hit play above).
1. Batmobile -- Liz Phair
2. Locomotive -- Alex Winston
3. To Garrison -- Garrison Starr
4. Strange -- Chelsey Scott
5. Can't Change Me -- Lydia Loveless
6. Back To Black -- Amy Winehouse
7. Mouthwash -- Kate Nash
8. Sprawl II -- The Arcade Fire
9. Sea Lion Woman -- Feist
10. Shoot The Water -- Austra
11. How -- The Cranberries
12. Ghosts -- Ladytron
13. Shake It Out -- Florence And The Machine
14. Deceptacon -- Le Tigre
15. Youth Knows No Pain -- Lykke Li


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