My weekend was a blur of driving, baking, and filing (taxes). Lately it seems as if my weekends are more packed than my weeks, especially since the weekend is when everyone else has free time so the hours quickly fill up with company and plans. I'm not usually one for jeans (obviously), but this was a good outfit for running around. The only jeans that do seem worth wearing are colored ones and I like this not too over-the-top purple shade--just enough color to make it feel slightly spring-like despite our unseasonably cold weather.

Outfit details:
UO hat
Motel blouse
oxfords c/o Modcloth
vintage Coach purse (similar here)



  1. You look lovely! :) This is probably a silly question but being petite, do you have to hem your jeans or did you find that these fit pretty well? I'm pretty short so I'm always on the lookout for good jeans geared towards petite gals.

  2. @kasey, some of my jeans I hem and some I let scrunch up at the ankles. ASOS petites are cut right and some J Brand jeans are cut short too--when in doubt you can also look for jeans that are ankle length or cropped and it will probably fit you better than a tall/average height lady.

  3. Lovely shoes, jeans and bag! Your style is really nice, a real inspiration :-) x


  4. love these pics! That hat! & you're so "audreyesque" in pants!

  5. Definitely loving the more subdued shades of colored pants.

  6. http://www.threadless.com/product/3307/Four_Spirits/tab,guys/style,shirt I thought of you when i saw this.

  7. You look great! Love the hat!


  8. ooh lovely - I pinned this! I bought similar color jeans and I thought they would be easy to style but I struggle so much. Thanks for the inspiration!


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