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It's always a little awkward "in real life" when friends introduce me as, "this is Rebecca, she's into fashion." Although I run a fashion site (I'd actually specify this as a personal style blog) I would consider fashion only one of my interests...possibly a lesser interest than books or art--fashion just happens to have a much easier visual representation than my other passions.
Outside of that there is the question of what do you mean by "interested in fashion?" I think it's often used to mean an interest in shopping and dressing yourself "cutely," which aside from antique malls I actually sort of loathe the shopping experience (malls suck). If someone is interested in sports though it isn't described as a humogenous group--someone interested in soccer isn't automatically assumed to be interested in baseball or football. Similarily, fashion is just as diverse. Are you interested in personal style, or do you follow runway collections, or perhaps is it fashion photography that really inspires you? If it is personal style, do you enjoy following trends or do you like some particular sub-group like grunge or goth or vintage looks? Someone interested in trends is at a vastly different end of the fashion spectrum than someone who predominantly dresses from a specific past decade. This isn't to say one is superior to the other, or liking to shop is somehow more shameful than appreciating runway collections. The point is: fashion is actually a really broad, diverse term and not a proper description of someone's passion. So yeah, it feels awkward when it's how I'm introduced and I watch all these conceptions gather in a stranger's face and wonder if any of them actually suit my interests and passions. I do love fashion and I'm not ashamed to list it as an interest, I just wish I could always be precise...



  1. First of all, you are lovely like always.

    Secondly, I completely agree with you. Last weekend I went to a party wearing high waisted '70s bells, a vintage plaid shirt and bright red lipstick. I was constantly asked, "Are you into fashion?" from those wearing...different clothing. Fashion is an extension of yourself. A feeling of confidence and pride. I wish being awesome was more accepted ;)

    Wanna follow each other?
    The Nautical Owl

  2. I know what you mean! When people find out about my blog and how long I've been doing it, they always ask if I want to work in fashion, "why aren't you studying fashion??" "why are you studying music biz? you should go to fashion school" But fashion is just one of my interests, not the only!

  3. I get that a lot too. "Oh so you like to shop?" Not the same thing at all. But yes, I do like to shop :P

    The Occasional Indulgence

  4. First and foremost, your outfit is simply adorable.
    Second, I completely agree with your statement. There are so many different components of fashion. I am a history graduate student and I face a similar series of questions and assumptions. Whenever I tell people what I am studying they always ask, "Oh, so you want to be a teacher?" There are so many things I could in history without teaching. Like every topic in life, history (and fashion) are so multifaceted.

  5. love this outfit, and I totally get what you mean! although I do love to shop, I don't want my interest in fashion to make me seem vain or superficial.


  6. Oh how I love reading you!!! This was spot on, fashion is such a wide wide field for interests!!! And most people pinpoint it to just the shopping experience or the "airheaded shallow person who only thinks of clothes" A lot of people forget how fashion is also history, and politics, and economics, and a social study, and psychology... and I could go on... yes, I believe my main interest in life - besides my child's well being - is fashion. But people usually refer to me as one who likes books, ahah. And I do love books, that one is true. On another note, this must be one of my fave looks on you ever. That peplum top combined with the skirt, my, how great they look together. But never on someone with my hips, ihih. Lovely shoes as well.

  7. Oh my goddddd - that top is AMAZING!!!!

  8. Lovely post, i totally agree with you!. My problem is quite different, in school i'm so involved in politics and social problemas, and when the people or my classmates discover that i have a blog they said ¿why do you are interesting in fashion?... yes, in this world if you like fashion you're like a "vain" and superficial person :/.


  9. Aw, I know what you mean! I always feel so awkward too when someone says: this is katie she is into fashion ! I'm all red on my face then. Aw, I have same mind as you- I just run person blog with my outfits so...

    You look genius <3 Like always!

  10. Love this outfit. Especially all the red you're wearing, so lovely.

    Yes I can definitely relate to the fashion aspect - I hate to call myself a fashion blogger because it's definitely not a good representation of the blog, at least that's the way I see it!

  11. Loving that peplum top!


  12. Oh this is such a stunning look. And I totally understand what you mean. Even though I do like clothes, a lot, there's always more than meets the eye.

  13. By the accident I found your blog and it`s super beautiful and inspiring! Love especially this look - this tone of red fits you a lot!


  14. so pretty! love it! xx

  15. Oh goodness, yes! 'Fashion' and anything related to it are incredibly perplexing. I shy from telling anyone that I follow 'fashion', because in truth fashion is really just another extension of a person's individual personality... and I would pretty much have to tell people that I care about my own individuality (often in clothing form) to explain it... which might be a little confusing to most people.

  16. Beautiful outfit :) Funny how your friends introduce you though :p I've had the same thing happen to me a couple of time already!

  17. Yes, this happens often...people assume and "label" when someone is into something they don't know much about. Or people are reluctant to accept that you can be into many things, or do many things well. For example, people will introduce me and say "This is Mary; she likes crafts," and a certain look often comes over the person's face and I have a feeling they envision Elmer's glue and Kindergarten cards made for mom. If we get into a conversation, people are always shocked to find that I have a MA in Interior Design or that I studied many types of art, as if these things are incompatible in the same body. Inconceivable even. And I also hesitate to tell anyone I blog because so many people think it's something that only SAHMs or teen girls do...a lot of people don't understand that it's another creative outlet. Do you ever find yourself having to explain what a personal style blog is? Haha.

  18. @My Hideaway, agreed. and oh yeah that's awkward--it goes about so "yeah I take pictures of myself every day..."

  19. I kind of agree, I guess.
    It's pretty much the same with every one-line description they could give. People are multifaceted but sometimes a "departure point" is necessary.
    I think the "she's into fashion" is one of the most precise one-line description possible, because it's accompanied by your own figure. So not only the other person know you like fashion, but he also have a sense on how you manifest that on your clothing - so it's not as vague as a "she's into books" or "she's into crafts", descriptions that can't rely on instant visual information to be less vague.


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