Magpie Eyes

As much as I don't like shopping (as mentioned in yesterday's outfit post), I'm still a sucker for packages in the mail and shiny new objects. I feel like a magpie sometimes with the way shiny things draw my eye--only the scratch factor and head-turning nature of most sequins keeps me from wearing those out most days. These shoes arrived long before the weather cooperated with their wear but I knew they'd be perfect this summer. The little gold heel makes them so irresistible to me--I'd like that feature on a shoe in every color. It's also the perfect height for me; I can walk all day in these without twisting an ankle or hurting my feet. Sometimes perfection can be bought...



  1. Adore the sandals and the dress...

  2. Loving those shoes!


  3. Darling look--great shoes!

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Love those shoes and I really loved your make up video below too!

  5. Beautiful dress! And i know what you mean about the shoes. I love finding shoes that have a little heel, but not one that's so high it hurts to walk in!

  6. I love the pretty floral print and the cut of that dress.

  7. Those shoes are on a crazy sale at ModCloth right now, I almost bought them yesterday.

    xx Abby

  8. I never get tired of that customized trench. So fun!

  9. That fox pin is amazingly awesome!


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