Manic Pixies

Someone on Tumblr recently reblogged one of my images and added the caption "perfect incarnation of a manic pixie dream girl." I'd respond, "online only." I feel much more of a connection to Eternal Sunshine's Clementine searching for her own piece of mind; don't assign me yours, than to the slim, sweet figures featured in Garden State or Elizabethtown or something similar. Yet people get attached to a picture and few tame musings and form a mental image of a person that doesn't begin to capture the essence a complex individual. Because that is the real problem with manic pixie dream girls--their lack of complexity. I'm quirky, yes. Have a pixie cut (and am petite): definitely. Manic? Some days. But to reduce someone's personhood to a simplistic term or expect to find a girl/woman content to make your life complete? So wrong. I'm not really offended someone thought I embody the term, more bemused by the ridiculous notion that any woman would fit that definition.


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