How To Marry A Millionaire

In spring and summer my movie tastes definitely tend towards lighter fare, meaning more comedies and less dramas. I just want to laugh, you know? This film How To Marry A Millionaire fits the bill nicely. Want another laugh? It supposedly was based off a nonfiction book by the same name, although only the title was saved in the final script. Still, isn't that a book you'd like to read? The plot is rather simple: three buxom blondes working as models in New York rent an apartment they can't afford all as part of a plot to land themselves rich husbands. As you might predict, things don't go as planned for the women. I'm not always a fan of Marilyn Monroe, but I do get a kick out of her slap-stick blind routine in this movie. Another bonus: silly fashion show thrown in for no apparent reason. I really love fashion shows in old movies, the styles they showcase are usually ridiculous and not how the everyday woman would dress, but man are they entertaining.


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