This dress has become my "around the house" favorite. Every season I have some default outfit that I put on when I wake up just to be out of my pajamas if I'm not sure what I really want to wear that day, or that I switch into in the evening for lounging and comfort. Basically, it's what I wear "around the house" when I need to be dressed, but I'm not planning on going out immediately. I don't really like hanging out in my pajamas--it's too undone. In summer it's usually a pair of denim shorts and a lightweight sweater. For the past couple of weeks this space print dress has been my default. It's wonderfully comfortable, I can throw any color cardigan on top without it clashing and I'll really never get tired of a print that looks like the night sky. Of course, on this day I did actually leave the house in this dress--adding a belt and some heels so it felt less slovenly than the loafers and socks combination I had on in the morning.
I wasn't out for long--just a brief jaunt with friends before grabbing Chinese food to eat in bed while playing the new Tomb Raider. I am not a gamer, but one of my friends is trying to turn me into one and I must admit it's rather fun. I'm also certain I don't need another anti-social activity that will keep me locked indoors and up all hours...

Outfit details:
thrifted belt
Nine West heels
*pictures by Jon


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