This dress has become my "around the house" favorite. Every season I have some default outfit that I put on when I wake up just to be out of my pajamas if I'm not sure what I really want to wear that day, or that I switch into in the evening for lounging and comfort. Basically, it's what I wear "around the house" when I need to be dressed, but I'm not planning on going out immediately. I don't really like hanging out in my pajamas--it's too undone. In summer it's usually a pair of denim shorts and a lightweight sweater. For the past couple of weeks this space print dress has been my default. It's wonderfully comfortable, I can throw any color cardigan on top without it clashing and I'll really never get tired of a print that looks like the night sky. Of course, on this day I did actually leave the house in this dress--adding a belt and some heels so it felt less slovenly than the loafers and socks combination I had on in the morning.
I wasn't out for long--just a brief jaunt with friends before grabbing Chinese food to eat in bed while playing the new Tomb Raider. I am not a gamer, but one of my friends is trying to turn me into one and I must admit it's rather fun. I'm also certain I don't need another anti-social activity that will keep me locked indoors and up all hours...

Outfit details:
thrifted belt
Nine West heels
*pictures by Jon



  1. I'm seeing so much galaxy stuff lately. Not that I'm complaining! I really dig it! And that chic way you styled it is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    The Nautical Owl

  2. Let me guess, one of your friends named Jon? And also, when you say another activity, the first activity you meant was reading? Haha

  3. Such a cute dress and shoes! Beautiful pictures.

  4. Great shoot! loving the hair style! Check out my blog at - hope you like it!

  5. Oh I love the print - especially how it isn't the typical galaxy fun!

  6. that dress is so so adorable!!

  7. Seriously I love this dress! And I totally understand--I refuse to lounge in pjs because it just feels a little too lazy. I like looking cute while lounging :p

  8. you picked the perfect backdrop! love how the bridge lights feel like lil ufo's or planets, and the framework could feel like some space station hallway.

  9. That outfit is seriously cute, and sexy too with the sheer black stockings with back seams. Ooh la la

  10. Everyone needs an "around the house" outfit and this one looks both lovely and comfy!

  11. Thought you'd like this too!


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