Sunday Remix

I've had this dress for nearly three years and although it's a departure from my usual silhouette it has gotten a lot of wear. It's nice as an easy layer in summer, but also layers well under other pieces. Putting together remixes actually makes me miss my old backdrops--how great was that abandoned train car in Virginia and being within walking distance of the beach...? Anyway, here are links to the past posts I wore it in: one, two, three, and four.



  1. I love seeing your different hair lengths in these shots - and I love how different you've styled the dress in each outfit. Super pretty! I love that checked coat in the third pic!

  2. So cool to see you with long hair! I look like a completely different person! I have to say I like the pixie cut the best, but it still looks great any length!

  3. Hi Rebecca: Left you something sweet on my fashion blog...Hope you enjoy!



  4. Carrément canon la tenue !
    J'adore ton blog :)
    Tu es vraiment belle


    Coline ♡


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