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I'm not super into trends--it's kind of wild to be told each season what the "look" is and then see the same shoes or color a million times over. But the upside of trends is when you like something it suddenly becomes extremely accessible. My love for constellation/galaxy prints is long-standing and I'm rather grateful they're becoming popular. It's nice to be able to find a variety of dresses and shirts in a pattern I love. This one by MADE for Macy's is pretty perfect--a nice stream-lined silhouette and a lovely mix of colors. I never want to take it off.



  1. Very cute! I actually wouldn't have thought I'd like a constellation dress, but it's adorable! I totally agree about not following the trends, it's way more fun being unique! :)

  2. that's a really subtle space print on your dress. i like your overlay of aurora colours!

    pandaphilia fashion

  3. I just saw that dress at Macy's and thought that it would be something you'd like with your love of space prints. You've definitely made a galaxy print fan out of me. :)

  4. Yeah, I'm not always into trends either but I am super excited to see that galaxy print is everywhere! I've always loved astronomy so when galaxy print became a thing it just made my day!

  5. well, what can I say? There is no word to explein how perfect you look like.

  6. Love both your dress and cardi! I might just have to look into some galaxy prints!

    Thumbelina's Wardrobe

  7. The coat just compliments that perfectly. Makes it look like you are an adventurer! (which, I suppose, you are!)

  8. I'm not really into the graphic print looking clothes I've seen...but I love this dress!


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