The Doorway

In case I hadn't mentioned it before: Mad Men is my favorite television show. So naturally I was quite excited for its return to television. In honor of the occasion I had a mini-party with my friend Jon. It was basically just us, candy cigarettes, and apple juice. Life's been too hectic to plan more than that. I really like any excuse to put on my fancy vintage dresses that never get worn. I've had this one for more than a year and it always seemed like a bit of a Joan dress to me...although she would fill it out better. I love the ritual of getting dressed and dressed up--just the time spent thinking about what you'll wear and trying on options and then fixing your make-up or hair. Parties though just tend to wear me out, so it's pretty much the perfect solution to merely get dressed up for the sake of a television show or a new movie. You get to perform the task of primping and then sit-back and receive entertainment. I live-tweeted some of my impressions of the show while trying to avoid spoilers--just vague comments about how much I love Sally's wardrobe and some shocked faces at various moments. It was as good a show as always and I'm glad I get to look forward to it every Sunday for a few months now (although I probably won't be dressing fancy for it again).

Outfit details:
vintage fascinator
vintage dress
ASOS tights


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