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In case I hadn't mentioned it before: Mad Men is my favorite television show. So naturally I was quite excited for its return to television. In honor of the occasion I had a mini-party with my friend Jon. It was basically just us, candy cigarettes, and apple juice. Life's been too hectic to plan more than that. I really like any excuse to put on my fancy vintage dresses that never get worn. I've had this one for more than a year and it always seemed like a bit of a Joan dress to me...although she would fill it out better. I love the ritual of getting dressed and dressed up--just the time spent thinking about what you'll wear and trying on options and then fixing your make-up or hair. Parties though just tend to wear me out, so it's pretty much the perfect solution to merely get dressed up for the sake of a television show or a new movie. You get to perform the task of primping and then sit-back and receive entertainment. I live-tweeted some of my impressions of the show while trying to avoid spoilers--just vague comments about how much I love Sally's wardrobe and some shocked faces at various moments. It was as good a show as always and I'm glad I get to look forward to it every Sunday for a few months now (although I probably won't be dressing fancy for it again).

Outfit details:
vintage fascinator
vintage dress
ASOS tights



  1. Love this! I only watch for the vintage, honestly. I am that shallow.

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  2. These photos look so perfectly retro! Love the finish on them and that coral dress is gorgeous!

  3. You look gorgeous! Love the dress and what a perfect way to celebrate. :D

    Excited to see what happens this season.

    Mostly Lisa

  4. This looks like so much fun! Mini-parties are the best! Real parties just make me want to find an animal to play with or a room to hide in all night, haha!


  5. Where did you find candy cigarettes?! Also, I love your dress! You inspire me to get dressed up and feel good about myself, even if I don't have a good reason to :)

  6. That definitely feels like a Joan dress indeed! I would love for someone to throw a Mad Men party in my circle!

  7. Love the polaroids! Looks like you had a fun time.


  8. Nice pictures and perfect outfit ! It must be a little more difficult to organize a Game of Thrones party haha !

    You should be in Mad Men actually !

  9. Loving the photo’s! Gorgeous dress!

  10. You're too dang cute! Love your blog and just about every outfit you've posted! :)

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