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I don't like to linger too much in the past or blog about past blogs or blogging in general, but just a general thank you for the positive response on Monday's afternoon post. While I wouldn't describe myself as overly self-conscious nowadays I still am quite shy (I don't see anything negative in being shy or introverted) so sometimes I err on the side of not sharing quite personal things. Anyway, it was nice that my post was appreciated and not misunderstood or something. It's quite ironic timing for that post since I've been feeling quite positive and optimistic lately--warm weather has that effect on my mood.

It's also interesting when I reflect on the nature of sharing, or rather my openness with a daily image of myself online when in day-to-day life I'm awkwardly shy meeting new people and I don't share much of myself until I feel quite close with someone, a process that usually takes months. Yet, here I am blogging away: talking about uncomfortable memories and posting pictures of myself like it's no big deal. It is probably a sense of control that makes me more open online--editing and choosing pictures, presenting myself in a very specific way, writing drafts and then editing them before publication. I have been trying to make an effort to be more open in my "real life" and I suppose it's beginning to extend to my virtual one as well...

Outfit details:
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  1. I love that you paired that soft flowing dress with an edgy leather coat. You look fabulous!

    ~Sarah K.

  2. Beautiful outfit! I dress looks amazing on you! I understand what you mean about being shy or feeling awkward in real life. I was always the same way until I got a job that forced me to interact with me non-stop.

  3. Another adorable outfit! You know it's weird- I was just thinking about the same thing lately. How different people probably perceive me online than they do in real life. Although, especially being in high school, it is nice to be in the blogging community. Everyone is SO incredibly kind and thoughtful. If only real life was always that way- sigh.

  4. Your blog is a pleasure to read. You have such an elegant and thoughtful way of expressing yourself in writing. And you have a very keen style sensibility. I love the feather print and open back of your dress. I also like it paired with the leather jacket. It's like a little nod to today's spring schoolgirl style inspiration post. It was fun to read the responses you got from Monday's post. I think everyone was so kind and supportive and identified with what you conveyed.

  5. Loving those heels!

  6. I really enjoyed reading that post on Monday. I wish I'd had a chance to respond...but I was super busy that day :/ Anyways, I think it was an interesting perspective. and on a totally unrelated note...the pattern of this dress is really cool :)


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