Neon Monday Remix

Neon Monday sent me their Himalayas landscape dress to remix and it really is a versatile piece. It will layer up nicely in fall and winter as well, but I kept these styles more suited for our current weather. I think I like it best tucked into a skirt because then it just looks like a cloud-print tee . Quick tip for layering dresses under skirts--you can temporarily shorten a hem using safety pins. Keep in mind not all dresses will layer under all skirts, there's no special trick that makes every dress work; a lightweight dress and a skirt cut from a sturdier fabric is the best combination. This one, although fully lined, is silky enough to not appear too bulky under my black denim skirt which already has a full shape.
Remixing a dress for me is all about choosing accessories which make it suitable for different occasions and in a print like this--bringing out different colors. I like how the tones look so different with black and so warm with brown pieces. Aside from everything this print is so too cool--it sort of reminds me of paper poster dresses from the 1960s; just one dominant print like a poster rather than an all over pattern.
If you like what you see at Neon Monday they're offering a special discount code--use "CLOTHESHORSE" to get 10% off and all orders come with a free handmade pouch.



  1. Never thought about tucking a dress into a skirt - love the idea! I'll have to try it out. :)

  2. I love all the ways you remixed this! I really like it tucked into the skirt as well. although it does looks great with the cardigan too.

  3. Love these, especially the first one! That's my favourite x

  4. I'm loving the dress paired with the jacket!


  5. I just had a look at the dress on neon monday's site and the measurements are pretty small. Does the fabric have any stretch? I love the print and how the top can be separated from the bottom, but still work.

  6. @Wendy, yes the dress does provide stretch--I don't know how to estimate how much but it's a very flexible fabric that way (not stiff at all). Would work nicely around curves.

  7. The dress is *wonderful* and I love all your remixes, particularly how it looks layered up w/ boots and a sweater.


  8. Love the last look! I was just going to ask how you layered that skirt over the dress because I've seen it done so much and I have a lot of dresses...thanks for the tips :)


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