Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes

The other day I spent most of my time indoors in jean shorts and a tee shirt. I had chores to do and it was quite warm, so the wardrobe made sense. Later though I was making plans to go out with friends and requested they give me a five minutes notice so I had time to throw on a dress and proper pair of shoes. My friend replied "as long as you're wearing a bra you'll be fine" but I responded, "nope this isn't the me I like to present to the world." Which sounds rather snobbish or something, but it wasn't how I like to go out even just for errands. I don't mind wearing jean shorts and a tee shirt out in public, I don't solely own them for afternoons spent vacuuming or the like, but when I have time why not put my best self forward? "Best self" is a subjective term--it will mean different things to different people. For me it doesn't necessarily mean fixing my hair (especially when I don't know any styles for it at this length!) or putting on makeup, but it does mean wearing clothing I feel confident in. It isn't based on some outdated notion that "you never know who you will meet" because it turns the attention off of dressing for yourself and it becomes dressing to attract a fairly specific other. Not my goal. But there is this "best self" idea I have--it's as much as who you aspire to be, the sort of life you'd like to leave, as the person you are and the life you like. Like dressing for the job you want on a more personal level, dressing as the girl you'd like to be. So when there's enough time and the activity won't involve drudgery then it is nice to slip on a pretty dress and proper shoes and present a seemingly "together" person to the world...



  1. Such a pretty dress! The flower is a lovely touch!

  2. This is so perfect!

  3. You are seriously the cutest! I totally get what you mean about putting your "best self" forward - why not look and feel the best you can? I think you look absolutely amazing.

  4. Ohh that dress is so dreamy on you! Love the full skirt, and the shoes, cardigan and hair piece complement it beautifully!

    xox Sammi

  5. This outfit screams perfection! I'm loving those heels and this dress! And the blue in the cardigan adds just the right touch!


  6. I love such form of dresses, perfect!

  7. Your dress is stunning. I totally agree about wanting to take your best self out - I love pottering around at home in my oldest, comfiest jeans, but I've no desire to go out in them.

  8. Gorgeous dress and I love the shoes too!

  9. Here, here! I am completely with you in that I prefer to put my best self forward. Especially when half the week is spent in medical scrubs I like to take the time to get gussied up for the world and for me.

    The Occasional Indulgence

  10. I just love this dress--so pretty! But I totally understand putting your best self forward. I wore jeans and a T all during high school and now that I basically live in dresses even my family makes weird comments like that sometimes...oh well I wear what I want and what I like

  11. That dress is just so gorgeous! The shape is just fabulous!


  12. I couldn't agree more! And I've never been able to phrase it so wonderfully! "this isn't the me...": yep. That! All of it. & to be perfectly honest, I adore it when other people "make an effort".

    It's like this: when we have people over for dinner (or breakfast!) we go all out, make quiche and eggs and bacon and sausage and fruit plate AND pancakes. We don't usually eat like this. But we want to give our best to our friends. SImiliarily, yes, life isn't always pretty dresses and nice meals, but what if instead of going for "the best" we went for the "average"? The usual? How terrible that would be. It'd be oatmeal for breakfast and me in my pjs in public (which when I am home all day with the kids, I will wear ALL DAY).

    So yes, I like this. I wish everyone was more interested in offering their "best selves" to the world.

    also heck yes to those shoes. heck heck yes.

  13. Your shoes are crazy

  14. I'm in love with your outfit, dress and shoes are adorable!

  15. You are the cutest!
    Such a beautiful outfit.

  16. I couldn't agree more with your feelings about putting your best self out there. I love this pretty outfit you're wearing here too. Those sparkly heels are the best!


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