Middle Ground

I quite like being able to shoot through spring blooms (or autumn leaves in fall); I like the sense of depth they add and it takes me back to my Elementary art classes when we started to learn about foreground, middle ground, and background. What a giant leap my paintings and drawings took that year--it was a totally new concept to break up the image and show the perspective. With outfit pictures your body is usually the foreground and middle ground and the "rule of thirds" isn't always applicable. There's also less to shoot through in summer or winter as all that flora wilts or completely dies away. It is hard to guess where your body will be behind the flowers when you're setting up a shot using your purse as the focus point though. I ended up with a couple of sets of images where my face was completely obscured by a white blur, which I found rather pretty on its own but not the best for a personal style blog. There's always this balance between more arty shots and what will properly display your outfit from head-to-toe.
I'll probably try to shoot another video showing my photo-taking process this summer as my old one is quite out of date and people usually seem curious about the whole thing. It's honestly comical to watch someone run back and forth for a tripod--which is why I usually shoot myself on dirt paths in the middle of the woods where no one can see me...

Outfit details:
vintage dress
Zara purse



  1. I really admire how you continue to stay experimental with your photography.

  2. I would love to see an updated video of your photo process! I am always looking for new tips and tricks since I am just starting off. Love this outfit by the way!



  3. What a beautiful dress. You've found a vintage treasure, my dear!

  4. That dress is so beautiful! And I think this photography is just so creative. I love how you have the plants in the foreground. It's a great idea


  5. this dress is pure perfection! <3 *_*


  6. Beautiful photography! I love your dress, the blue is really subtle and nice :-) x


  7. @Sarah Knapp, I don't really edit, I only have iPhoto so there's so little I can do so I try to get things right in-camera. You can see what I do here: http://theclotheshorse.tumblr.com/post/50276494559/would-you-ever-make-a-tutorial-on-how-you-edit-your

  8. I love the colour of that dress! I was just wondering do you ever use Converse or shoes like that? :-)) And if you do what colour? :-))

  9. This dress is so stunning! Loving it paired with those flats!


  10. That dress is gorgeous, and I love how you shot these photos! So dreamy.

    xox Sammi

  11. @Lode, I have a basic pair of black converse but I haven't worn them in years. If I want a comfortable shoe I tend to opt for a ballet flat and if I'm being athletic I just have some basic adidas sneakers.

  12. Lovely photos. I like the direction you took with these. Very creative. Your vintage dress is beautiful and that handbag has a nice shape and color.

  13. That dress is lovely. I love the low v cut on the back :)

    Also, I should try taking pictures like those some day!

  14. I personally fell in love with the cherry red converse... :-)) When I want something comfortable in my legs I wear traditional Finnish Reino slippers! They are maybe a bit old-man-ish too :-))

  15. Such a pretty dress! It looks so lovely on you.


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