Physics Of The Impossible

This Super 8 camera was a gift from my boyfriend, Thomas, and despite the fact that it likely doesn't work I couldn't be more excited about it. Vintage cameras can become my collectibles--taking up dust on my shelves and looking pretty when film's too expensive to buy or the camera itself no longer functions. The thing I enjoy most about this one though is how it feels like a weapon in my hand. It reminds me of some futuristic from the 1970s ray gun; the sort of thing you'd find in Buck Rogers or Star Trek. Although I don't dress that style--retro-futuristic is definitely an aesthetic I enjoy. There's something so fun and even hopeful about vintage photographs of people dressed as astronauts or old movies with our out-dated concepts of how space travel would work or how technology would advance. You can't really be too disappointed that our imagination outstripped science in terms of the ray gun when we still have discovered so many amazing things...

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan


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