Pomp and Circumstance

I'm not usually one for a bright pink dress, but who can resist such a cool trompleoil print? Besides the jeweled collar reminded me of something Megan from Mad Men would wear for an evening out--only she'd have flawfless hair and eyeshadow. Much of my Mad Men viewing lately has just turned to gasps over Megan's Cleopatra-echoing makeup--seriously it's stunning. Too bold for me to feel comfortable attempting, but some things are just made for admiring. Mad Men is one of my weekend highlights--even if I go out with friends for a local concert on a Friday I'm still anticipating my favorite show on television Sunday night. It's really the only time I actually watch television and I spent most of last summer driving to a friend's house on a weekly basis to borrow their cable so I wouldn't miss an episode. I haven't dressed up since the primere this season, but I still find myself putting on a little lipstick and pulling out my candy cigarettes to add to the mood. I just enjoy the ritual of dressing up or celebrating something even in the smallest fashion. It's the way people used to dress up to fly or see movies at their local theaters. Why can't we celebrate our favorite things with a little pomp and circumstance? There's so much fun to be found in the build-up, the anticipation of things as you fix your hair or pick out what you're going to wear...



  1. love the dress! there's nothing better than wearing bright colors in the spring. :)

  2. A perfect outfit in another perfect setting.

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    The Nautical Owl

  3. You look like a little pixie on that first photo! :) Love Mad Men! :)

  4. That's a very interesting and unexpected print on the dress! I love it!


  5. I completely agree! I love how people used to dress up for everything! Now it's not uncommon to see someone at the grocery store wearing pajama pants. Let's start a revolution! Love the outfit <3


  6. what a lovely post ;) you look super stunning <3


  7. Gorgeous dress! It fits you so well. That collar is perfect. :D

    Mostly Lisa

  8. Hi Rebecca,

    Its so awesome, ever since Ive found this blog, Ive been trying to read back the old posts, and there's such a HUGE difference from the ones you did back then and the ones you do now - you can really see the growth! It's so cool that blogging actually helps you record your growth, and kind of helps people grow. mhm, maybe I should start a blog too. Haha, I loved reading the posts where you pose in such unconventional ways and now everything's changed so much (in a good way). Im glad, I think it shows that you're much more comfortable in your own skin. (; Would you do a blogger recap, from then to now - the changes, and the growth, the lessons, sometime? (you know, just for memory's sake)

    BTW, I love this dress (; its so adventurous-y.

  9. Bright colors aren't usually my go to either but this looks great on you - and you're right, totally Mad Men.

    Another adorable outfit!


  10. haha, i AM one for a bright pink dress :)
    xoxo, Elsa

  11. adore this dress and love the other items you've teamed with it. You look gorgeous!


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