The Feast Of The Dedication

My collection of red dresses and nautical-inspired ones is beginning to border on ridiculous. But when you know what you like, you know what you like, no? There's something I admire about the confidence of very focused personal style. The sort of girls who can wear head-to-toe vintage every day or even devote themselves to a single color--it takes dedication to not let boredom drive them away from their desired look. I mean, there are enough times when I tell myself I'll dress a certain way in the future but then get tempted towards other styles--familiar but not identical. As much as I love the 50s silhouette I'd get bored wearing it every day; and red doesn't always suit my mood. Yep, people who know themselves so assuredly that their style doesn't shift--that's impressive.

Outfit details:
Jeffrey Campbell loafers (similar here)
Zara purse



  1. Really? Well, I've never seen anyone like that but if a style is set in stone, doesn't that mean the person isn't evolving? I like who I am now but I still want to change as time and fate would let me. And my style should as well. By the way, you might just be the only person I know who can pull off red nautical looks over and over.

  2. I think a balance is good- it's nice to know what you like and it makes your world a lot easier. But fashion is changing all of the time, new things to brave and experiment with... I like a bit of variety! You look wonderful by the way, love that color on you!

  3. Beautiful dress! But yeah, as much as I like certain styles I wouldn't want to limited by only being able to wear that style. Some days I'll wear 50s dresses and other days you'll see me in a plaid shirt and moccasins. I like having a variety and just wearing what I'm in the mood for!

  4. Lady in red, you look enchanting.

    Totally get what you mean about the boredom factor. It's fun to switch things up.

  5. That dress is fantastic and I LOVE your shoes. :)

  6. I'm loving this vintage red dress! It's awesome! Especially the peter pan collar!

  7. Not something we would recommend but we see its appeal!

  8. Oh my goodness, that dress is just amazing - the color is so perfect!



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