The Feast Of The Dedication

My collection of red dresses and nautical-inspired ones is beginning to border on ridiculous. But when you know what you like, you know what you like, no? There's something I admire about the confidence of very focused personal style. The sort of girls who can wear head-to-toe vintage every day or even devote themselves to a single color--it takes dedication to not let boredom drive them away from their desired look. I mean, there are enough times when I tell myself I'll dress a certain way in the future but then get tempted towards other styles--familiar but not identical. As much as I love the 50s silhouette I'd get bored wearing it every day; and red doesn't always suit my mood. Yep, people who know themselves so assuredly that their style doesn't shift--that's impressive.

Outfit details:
Jeffrey Campbell loafers (similar here)
Zara purse


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