Sunday Remix

Someone recently asked me for a remix on colored tights focusing on how to wear them...May might not be the best month considering usually it's the time for bare legs--also I don't really believe in telling someone how to dress, but here's my attempt! I can show and share how I like to wear colored tights, but it's not "the way" to wear them and other styles featuring them aren't wrong. For example, I usually wear bright tights with a limited color palette--one or two other colors and a lot of neutrals. I also like monochromatic legs, so if I wear a colored tight I often match my shoes to them. I also prefer slightly off-beat colors; I bought my red tights years ago and they've really held up because I don't wear them often. In contrast, I bought my orange-ish/brown tights last year and just wear them more and more with each season and will probably need to invest in a new pair soon. A maroon or purple shade is also a standby for me in fall and winter--it's a nice, subtle change from the old standby black. Anyway, there's no right or wrong way to wear any piece of clothing and if you're nervous start in your comfort zone with your favorite color or a subtle departure from the norm like navy, dark purple, or brown.


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