All The Old Romantic Legends

Somehow Harrisburg got voted one of America's most romantic cities. Since I went to college a stone's throw away I find that hard to believe. I mostly think of the city by crowded clubs on first street and delicious burritos and awful roads with terrible parking and a couple of good vintage never seemed the least bit romantic to me. The only spot I can see deserving of such a label is the paths by the river--in summer they're gorgeous. You can walk beneath the arching bridges and watch the sun set, or find a bench or grassy knoll and enjoy a picnic (as I witnessed firsthand shortly before taking these pictures). It wasn't a romantic evening for me, but it was a lovely brief jaunt followed by a diner visit--which is always a good way to close an evening. I'm still wondering how Harrisburg got voted as so romantic...

Outfit details:
thrifted jacket (similar here)
vintage belt
Zara purse
*pictures by Jon


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