Ritual Dances

I love the ritual of getting dressed up. It usually begins the night before--going through my closet and setting aside what I'd like to wear the next day down to shoes and accessories. Then in the morning it's the quiet performance of applying makeup--winging your eyeliner and choosing to add blush or lipstick. You wake up one way and little by little you transform yourself into something else. It's even better when you have an occasion to dress up for--a date night or party with friends. You turn on some mood-setting music and literally dance around or sing along  as you get ready. This is exactly what I'd wear for a summer date night; the pretty criss-cross back is both sweet with the bow and a bit risque with all the exposed skin and my tattoos. It wouldn't be my "first date" dress, but second or third very possibly. Of course, I have just as much fun getting dolled up to pick up take-out which I then enjoy in the comfort of my bed while watching a movie on my computer--why shouldn't I dress nice for dinner with myself?

Outfit details:
Seychelles heels (old)


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