You Say You Love The Rain

We've had a string of rainy days back to back, but I can't complain when it turns everything so rich and green. I wasn't living here last spring, so it's rather fun to see my "usual haunts" transformed by new growth. It's so lush and colorful. Even the city streets seem transformed--cars turning polka-dotted with pink petals in their parking spots or leaving wakes of petals in their passage down my block. Flowers do have such a transformative quality; rather like snow they can make even dull alleyways, common streets, or familiar fields seem magical...

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan
purse c/o Modcloth
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  1. Everything does look so fresh and vibrant in your photos! Cute dress for spring!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. gorgeous photos!

  3. You look so pretty outdoors in that great dress (the back!) and cute umbrella.

  4. The open back of that dress is so pretty! and I love the pattern. I think I've seen that umbrella on your blog before too--it's so cute!

  5. Loved your flats so much.. Andthe umbrella is so much cutie!

  6. LOVE the back of that dress! I usually stay away from dresses like that but now I'm going to look out for them this summer!

  7. I LOVE this time of year and how suddenly flowers appear and change the usual landscape!
    I love your dress, and am becoming obsessed with finding/making one with multi-directional stripes! <3

  8. That dress is fabulous!


  9. I wanted to tell you I ordered those shoes because they looked so cute! I wore them yesterday, and I love them! You give me the best clothing inspirations.


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