Arcade Fire

Mall arcades can be a surprisingly depressing place as an adult. Behind their flashing lights you note the beat-up carpet and the very minimal rewards for your gaming efforts in the depressing collection of prizes. Still, I've a soft spot for the games--eradicating the world of aliens seems like a few coins well spent. I never really played any of these games as a child so it's pretty much my first time whenever I do fool around in these little arcades in a mall or before a movie. This visit was a pleasant escape from a dreary day and a nice change from my usual outdoor settings for my outfit pictures. There were a couple of children running around with arms flailing; proof that the magic of arcades isn't gone for everyone...



  1. I love these photos! the arcade looks like a great place to shoot.
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  2. I used to love those places, but when I got older I hated when my brother wanted to go to the arcade after a movie.

  3. Love your dress and cardigan, they fit so well with the colors of the arcades! Here in Barcelona there are very few arcades left, but when I was a kid I also enjoyed them a lot :)

    The cat, you and us

  4. I think the magic of arcades are never lost, they live on. Btw, your dress matches the settings and I love it~

  5. There is something magical and nostalgic about arcades - although I didn't play any of those games as a kid either (I was always a PC game girl).

    I'm loving your dress. <3

  6. This is so different for you and I love it. The arcade photos remind me of carnivals and the circus for some reason. You look adorbs. I really enjoy that dress on you.

  7. Love your dress.

  8. I adore these photos Rebecca! I love arcades and they're such a cool setting for a photo shoot.

  9. Beautiful photos! Way to turn a semi-depressing arcade into a lovely photoshoot set ;)
    You look beautiful!

  10. Adorable. Whoever took the photos did a wonderful job. :)

  11. i really like the 3rd photo! it has a lot of character. your magic schoolbus-esque space dress fits the arcade atmosphere well!

    pandaphilia fashion

  12. I love these photos! You look so pretty! The 5th one looks amazing with all the reflections.

    I love your blog :)

  13. Such a cool background for the pictures. I love that dress so much--I found some really awesome galaxy fabric and I'm going to sew a sundress out of it this summer!

  14. Looks amazing..
    I Love your dress, it's nice :)


  15. That dress is just so perfect for the arcade! I absolutely love the pattern!



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