Catching Fire

In posted about Book of Deer a couple of times, so I was pretty excited when I received this dress from the line a few months ago. It features their beautiful glow-in-the-dark print that looks like mason jars filled with fireflies. I remember catching fireflies in my Grandmother's big yard on summer vacations as a child--it used to mesmerize me to trap them in jars with holes punched in the tops, I could watch them flicker for hours. It's funny, I'm more likely to jump out of my skin if one lands on me now than I was as a child actively trying to hunt for them in the tall grass. Still, fireflies are pretty magical things--one of the rare sources of light in this world that generates almost no heat and sometimes they synchronize their flashes in large groups. I'm also endlessly amused by the "femme fatale fireflies" or females that flash a courting signal to males only to lure them in to be eaten...Needless to say they are neat creatures and I'm quite glad to have a dress featuring them.

Outfit details:


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