Fairy Fire

I've had this shoot on the mind for months but I was waiting for warmer evenings to attempt it, especially since I insisted on shooting in the dark. I wanted to capture some of the magic of fireflies on summer nights or even those misleading "will-o-the-wisps" that lead travelers astray in legends. A properly eerie looking forest and a few LED lights later and the scene was nearly as lovely as I had pictured in my head...

Outfit details:
Zara dress (old, similar here)
sandals c/o Modcloth
*pictures by Jon


Joanna Haughton said...

Such a great idea for a shoot. Lovely capturing of nature at it's simplest and beautiful!


Gwen said...

very lovely. :)


Alexandra Marie said...

This is so magical and lovely!


MintJulep said...

La Petite Fadette (go, read it, if you haven't yet, I think you'll like it.)

Miss Ecl said...

Love those pictures <3 So romantic!

Sarah said...

Those photos are magical! Love all your creativity.


Sara Napier said...

This is seriously one of most beautiful shoots I've ever seen! It's so enchanting and whimsical. The dress is perfect and so are the nails! I have never had the privilege of seeing fireflies in person, I didn't know they would show up so vividly! :)

XO Sara

Kayti said...

This is going on my list of one of my favorite shoots that you've done. I absolutely love the whimsical ethereal type of photos. Hope to see more!



Rebekah Bradford said...

Oh, this is so beautiful! And you chose the perfect dress! I've wanted to do a shoot like this for awhile and I think you did a wonderful job on yours!

jessie said...

i love the way you think! :) and the photos are so very pretty.


kasey said...

This is lovely! What kind of LED lights did you use by the way?

Madeline Wainscott said...

Oh my goodness I love this! Such a great concept for a shoot. It's so ethereal and romantic.



Dianne Kurtz said...

I love the dress.You look so beautiful in it.Your blog is great.

Pomellyop said...

Hello Rebecca,

I am with everyone that's it's such a lovely picture; if you hadn't mentioned it, I would have thought it was an effect added on. Makes it that much more remarkable.

I had a question though; I have a tulle dress also from H&M as well as several tulle skirts, the unrealized ballerina in me I suppose. I wondered if this was something you wear for day at all, and if so, do you wear it in the exact way with flats? Sometimes I don't want to keep my dresses strictly for evening. You briefly alluded to this in one of your past posts. Love to hear your thoughts!


Katell Malleena said...

You look so beautiful and pure , love this post :X



Sora said...

Waaa, I loved this shoot! *___*. Everything looks so magical, even your dress!

Sammi said...

Ohh this is so absolutely gorgeous!!!! Beautiful beautiful idea and dress!

xox Sammi

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Pomellypop, yeah I sort of love wearing ridiculous dresses during the day with flats. Something as dramatic as this one wouldn't be worn on a day I'm running errands like grocery shopping, but vintage shopping with friends or just a general more "fun" day and I wear it. Seems more appropriate if most of the activities are for fun/festive.
I think it helps too if I'm hanging out with friends. Even if they're dressed more casually, being with a crowd that accepts me makes me less shy than going around by myself.

Kitsune-kun said...

ahhh! I've been eyeing LED lights, waterproof lights, and glow sticks since winter, hoping for a fairy shoot in warmer times as well! only my idea was way nerdier.....I wanted to make a fairy fountain from Zelda somehow...maybe sort of dressed as Link...heh. I haven't actually bought anything yet- I'm having a hard time deciding what shape and colour I want. I really like how these turned out! I was wondering if the little LEDS would be too dim to really register, but this looks just like I was imagining. I love the ones placed on the wall- the light peeking over the ledges reminds me of Fern Gully.

Lauren said...

so lovely!

niki said...

these pictures are so gorgeous! i love the idea of using LED lights!
~niki <3