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Previous outfit posts: one, two, three, and four.

Previous outfit posts: one, two, three, and four.
Ah, the basic black skirt. It's a classic for a reason. My mini skirt is a couple of years old now, but last summer I got a longer length skirt and it's getting worn nearly as much. Both work with a variety of separates and each has a different sort of feel--the longer skirt always makes me feel rather elegant. If there was one item I'd recommend investing in it would be a good, black skirt that fits you exactly right (I'm partial for pieces that are very fitted at the narrowest part of my waist). That's really the main thing with clothes; pieces that are a little off and you keep adjust are ones you won't wear again and again because they are literally uncomfortable. Of course, "investing" could mean finding a great basic black skirt in a nice material at a thrift shop and getting a friend to help you hem/tailor it.



  1. I agree with you! ^_^. A black skirt is always a great basic to have. I currently have a pleated black skirt, so I definitely need one of these! Maybe during my vacations I can make one?

  2. Completely agree, I'm only just beginning to realise that buying things you like but don't fit are such a waste of time and money! I don't wear a good 90% of my clothes because of it. Love how you style up your simple black skirts, they all look wonderful : )


  3. The longer one is better for the most of cases but they definitely do not replace each other.

  4. I need skirt like that! I do have a black skirt (yes only one) but it's lace skirt... I love that pic wheres that asos shirt! It's way too cool... How is it that you are so beautiful modeling the clothes? When I take pics I look like an idiot with unnatural posings... You are so gorgeous!

  5. great styling! i love having good basics; i always tend to buy the ''fun'' stuff and then end up will all crazy patterned separates!

    i personally prefer the longer length skirts; but buying vintage/used and tailoring it to the right length is really the best thing ever.

    the only problem with fitted skirts(i mean those 50s-70s ones w no elastic) is that you can't really have a big meal in them haha.

  6. Love this remix! I've been looking for a skirt like that for a long time--it's worked for so many remixes for you. And I love the space shuttle shirt and the shirt in the top right corner.

  7. Superb color combinations, some of the best dresses i have ever seen. Any you have light blue color combination?

  8. excellent styling! i really like having excellent basics; i always usually buy the ''fun'' things and then end up will all insane designed separates!
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