Independence of Solitude

Another abandoned location for you today, but this one is simply a barn. There really aren't loads and loads of abandoned locations around me, I just make an effort to find them or get suggestions from friends who grew up in the area and then re-visit them every few weeks. I've shot at this barn a couple of times now--it's always a nice change to shoot semi-indoors while still only using sunlight. Anyway, it's really essential when you like isolated backdrops without people wandering through them and some privacy to shoot yourself (in addition to wanting to see somewhere mildly interesting). So, I alternate between the public parks in this county and hunting down neglected places no one is checking in on. There's so many more places I want to see and photograph and places I don't even know about that I want to find by accident, but it does get old exploring on your own sometimes...



  1. I just adore this dress. It's quite the different silhouette on you but it looks just wonderful. And the dark brown of the setting is the perfect contrast!


  2. That natural light is beautiful! You look gorgeous :)

  3. Oh I just love these abandoned places you're taking pictures in! So beautiful!

  4. That last sentence: preaching to the choir, sista!

  5. amen to that. I am having the weirdest, loneliest summer. I'm staying in utah, which has amazing adventure possibilities- but my husband is in tokyo, my sisters are all busy with friends, my friends have all moved, and my parents work, so I'm on my own when I want to go exploring, and it does get old fast.

  6. That's a very romantic dress. Have you ever thought of getting a small dog? They're great outdoor pals. Woman's bestfriend for sure.

  7. Your dress is gorgeous! So pretty and feminine x

  8. You look beautiful <3 Great pictures! I love thelight! :)

  9. Gosh, that is such a pretty dress. I love the shoes as well!


  10. Loved the dress and the shoes I really want some abandoned places here where I live.


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