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Since one of my favorite dresses last summer was by It's Okay My Dear, I preordered this delightful number ages ago. Of course that meant it arrived when there was still snow on the ground and had to wait in my closet for more pleasant conditions. I'm not overly fond of the cut-out trend on dresses lately; I think it's a style similar to most fashions of the 80s which we look back on and cringe over. It's hard to find dresses with cut-outs that fit properly and sometimes they're placed in the least flattering positions, so I definitely don't think it's a look that will age well. Meaning, in 5-10 years we'll look back at the plethora of cut-outs and think about this specific set of years and probably how silly it all looked when not worn by models who had it fitted to their forms. Mark my words. However, I'm all about exceptions to the rules and I was so enamored with the print on this dress I couldn't resist--the cut outs do add shape and structure to the dress. Additionally, part of fashion is embracing fun things that you enjoy regardless about how you might feel about them in 5-10 years. I don't want to be so locked into "classic" style that I miss out on things I'd enjoy now; I'm dressing for who I am today not who I'll be in a decade.



  1. this cutout makes the dress look like a very happy cat from the front!

  2. Love the print of the dress, and your hair is looking so cute as it grows out!

  3. that is a srsly slammin print. and how cute is that carved heart!

  4. The print on this dress is absolutely adorable, and I agree that the cut-out trend is way too prevalent right now... but I have to say, I like the unique placement of the cut outs on this dress! So pretty on you.

    xox Sammi

  5. I love this dress, the cutout and print are gorgeous! Looks great with the rain coat too x


  6. I've never been a fan of cutouts either, but I think these are nice. And the pattern is so interesting! I do agree that you should just wear what you want and not worry about 10 years later...I tend to do that sometimes...

  7. You hair and eyeliner look especially chic today!

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  8. I hate it when dresses have weird cutouts, usually around the bra line at the back and the lower waist - they make no sense! This one is beautiful though, and fits you just right. Also, such great shoes you've got.

  9. This dress definitely works for ya. And that trench coat's back is too cute!

  10. I so agree about the cut outs. To me, it's more than just the fact that they will age badly but also that they feel very tricky. Sort of an instant way of making a garment seem more designed,when often very little thought has actually gone into the placement of the cut out or whether it is appropriate for that piece.

    It's similar to a lot of other trends, like bubble hems. At first, they were quite fun but then suddenly everything had a bubble hem. Things that really had no business being bubbled (like muslin dresses with macramé.

    I do, however, like your dress. I think because the cut outs have been thought out.

  11. Loving that trench!


  12. This is one of the best novelty print dresses I've seen this spring.

  13. That dress is so cool!



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