Morning After

I was up at dawn for today's pictures. It was an accidental all-nighter as I got absorbed in one project after another and didn't notice the clock until it was well after four and then at that point it seemed worthwhile to stay up and catch the dissipating fog as the sun rose. Here you really only get a beautiful fog the morning after a stormy night when it's very warm, but it's the most beautiful weather. I really love driving through the fog and seeing everything off the road from a different perspective--it makes fields and lakes look absolutely magical. Of course, I pictured one thing in my head and found another situation at the park. I took pictures in a mist-filled field but didn't like end result and walked over to this lake for a second try. As evidenced by all the lakeside pictures in this post, I liked that set a lot more. Sometimes you have to recognize when things aren't working out....



  1. Oh I do that a lot...I start on one project and honestly I'm just more productive at night. I end up pulling all nighters a lot. But...I get so much done! I think these pictures turned out really well, too. And the dress is just so beautiful!

  2. You don't even look tired! I would no be photogenic at all after an all-nighter :P

    The Occasional Indulgence

  3. I like how simple this outfit is. Really allows one to appreciate the gorgeous shape and quality of that dress.

  4. Gorgeous photos. I wish I could get such pretty photos at such a lovely time of morning :) alas, I would usually rather sleep!

    xox Sammi

  5. Hi! I'm new in your blog. Love iit! I was only following your instagram, but I just fell in love with this pretty space. Congrats, such a great job! ♥ you've got a new follower ;)

  6. I enjoy seeing the water views in these photos. Pretty floral hair ornament. You're a fairy princess.

  7. HI Rebecca,
    I'm curious about your Sam Edelman sandals. What color are they? I love them and can't figure out if you own them in whiskey or natural? Thanks!

  8. @Anonymous, whiskey! Natural actually has an off-white ankle strap. :)

  9. Love those shoes!


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