Worth Its Weight In Gold

Some dresses prove to be a good investment the first time you wear them out. I knew I thought this dress was pretty and when it arrived in the mail I was pleased at how nicely it fit, but man, the instant I walked out the door the compliments started coming. It seemed like every friend I bumped into felt the need to tell me what a cool dress it was. I even was hit on by a guy when out with my friends with the line "that's a very pretty dress" (followed by a second approach five minutes later, "you're very pretty too, I didn't want the dress to get all the credit"). I'm very rarely approached by guys and most of my friends are quite used to seeing me in a dress, so I'm convinced this one is worth its weight in gold. I'm looking forward to enjoying this number for quite awhile to come.
P.S. Check back this afternoon for a short video I shot with my friend Jon! He shot it while I took pictures for the blog, so it's a behind-the-scenes look at my photography process.



  1. Your friends were right, that is a really pretty dress! Sometimes I get compliments on the most unexpected things, and when I wear something I think is amazing, no one seems to notice!


  2. That dress is super adorable, I loved it! :)

  3. Such a beautiful and unique dress. I love Exile Vintage! You always look so lovely!

    xox Sammi

  4. Guys must be blind, over there... and here I was rthinking they would be flying around you like moths to a flame!!!

  5. that guy was clever! haha :) it is indeed a very pretty dress though!


  6. Bahaha, what a cute pickup line! But I agree--what a gorgeous dress! I love how the details are so unique and unexpected. They photos are so gorgeous too (:

  7. Well, the detail is gorgeous and it looks great on you so I'm not surprised you're getting loads compliments! :) Still it is funny when one item incites unexpected attention.

  8. That dress really is beautiful! So glad you (and apparently everyone else!) like it! I love clothing like that. Something you know you look good in and everyone else thinks so too :p

  9. @MintJulep

    That's what I said!

  10. I'm impressed with the dress as well! I don't know if this makes sense, but it's your style, but at the same time the design is totally new for you :)

  11. So excited because I have that bag!
    Beautiful, as always. : )

  12. Loving the color of the bag and dress together!

  13. I love that the dress vintage and gorgeous. I'm very surprised that you're rarely approached by guys. That's very hard to believe.


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