A Self Portrait Shoot

I've shot videos showing my picture-taking process before (you can see one in an abandoned train car here), but here's a newer one for your enjoyment. I might make a video describing the process and tips on how I work next--I'm always game to shoot more videos although it takes more time and I need more help than my typical shoots. My process in brief: I always use natural light, I use my purse as a stand-in to figure out the focus and other settings, then it's set the self-timer and dash! Honestly, I find it a rather awkward process so I quite dislike shooting around people. In the attempt of avoiding crowds I do find some beautiful places to shoot. My friend Jon shot and edited the video for me at my favorite abandoned barn. I hope you enjoy it!
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see a video of. I'll hopefully be able to attempt it.



  1. This is so great, Rebecca! The video is so well done, and I love the behind the scenes look at taking your own blog photos :)

  2. Being honest here- I usually have friends and family take pictures for me... until the other day. I did self portraits for the first time and it was SO much work! Plus the head of my tripod like to hang crooked- haha! I love that you do this several times a week- and you do so well with it! Kudos to you! Alex


  3. I love your blog! I've been following for a while and never comment but I wanted to comment on this. Your shots are always so well thought out and it was really cool to see how similar we are. Watching this video was like watching me. It's much harder to find spots like that in Austin though...

  4. Hey Rebecca! I've been a long fan, but rarely comment. However, I wanted to say that this video is so cool! Your friend John did an awesome job! I take my own photos for my blog too so I can relate to your video and the music is lovely. Very well done!

  5. You are too adorable in this! This was really great to see. I almost always take all my pictures myself (I get too nervous around other people, I think), but my photos are definitely trial and error (which is why they're not as clear with the focus as I'd like them to be). My camera is definitely not as good as yours!! But I love your photos so very much, so this was wonderful!

    xox Sammi

  6. Great video! Congrats to your friend. And to you for such great pictures! How long does it take to you? Because when I take my own pictures I spend a lot of time :P

  7. Oh my you are such a cuttie on that video! <3

  8. Thanks for this post, I'll keep the tips in mind when taking my own outfit photos! Your pictures always turn out great, so it seems to work well for you :)

  9. Awesome,
    I always think about how you take a photoshoot, and who take your photos, Now I know, thank for sharing.. Loveee your video so much


  10. This is awesome - I definitely want to start practicing taking my own photos (it's just so much cooler to be able to say you did it yourself). Very inspirational, maybe I'll get there one day


  11. Wow. I always thought you had someone photograph you. Your photos are always beautiful! I would love to see a video on the entire process. :-)

  12. Aw, I love the video. I'm so jealous that you can pose so easily like that! I'm with you - I want to avoid people while taking photos. It's a bit tricky when living in the heart of the city, so I end up taking photos on the balcony. Not ideal, but definitely better than inside. Thank you so much for sharing what you do, I loved the video and the song was such a perfect fit!

  13. I'd like to see a new video on how you shoot photos, now that you have a remote. I'm a new blogger, doing lots of style shoots (at secondbreakfast.us), and it's really helpful for me to know your process-your blog is one of my very favorites. Also I'd like to know what equipment you use-especailly your tripod, but your camera and such as well. Thanks for the videos!

  14. Do you still have that video? :)

    1. Sorry I haven't kept all my videos from 7 years ago--it's just been too long and I've lost track of some of the accounts I uploaded things on


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