A Self Portrait Shoot

I've shot videos showing my picture-taking process before (you can see one in an abandoned train car here), but here's a newer one for your enjoyment. I might make a video describing the process and tips on how I work next--I'm always game to shoot more videos although it takes more time and I need more help than my typical shoots. My process in brief: I always use natural light, I use my purse as a stand-in to figure out the focus and other settings, then it's set the self-timer and dash! Honestly, I find it a rather awkward process so I quite dislike shooting around people. In the attempt of avoiding crowds I do find some beautiful places to shoot. My friend Jon shot and edited the video for me at my favorite abandoned barn. I hope you enjoy it!
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see a video of. I'll hopefully be able to attempt it.


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