Scenes From An Abandoned Theme Park

This abandoned theme park is decidedly creepy. First, despite its emptiness and the fence barring the entrance, several lights were on throughout--who is paying the electricity bill for this place, hm? Additionally, on the day of my visit (with a couple of friends) wind kept pushing branches against various structures making the most eerie noises. Definitely not a place I would visit at night, but incredibly interesting to enjoy in daylit hours. The biggest draw is the still-intact wooden roller coaster slowly being overtaken by nature. Some of the buildings look interesting, but with collapsed floorboards and sagging roofs a bit too unstable to venture inside (spookiest was the "Inferno House"). Everything is painted in the most delightful colors though--some buildings also featuring a variety of stripes and murals and stars for a very festive feel. Definitely one of those places where I just excitedly stop and take pictures and then have to run to catch up with my friends who have advanced into other corners of the park...

Outfit details:
UO bomber (old, similar here)
Triptych dress


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