Scenes From An Abandoned Theme Park

This abandoned theme park is decidedly creepy. First, despite its emptiness and the fence barring the entrance, several lights were on throughout--who is paying the electricity bill for this place, hm? Additionally, on the day of my visit (with a couple of friends) wind kept pushing branches against various structures making the most eerie noises. Definitely not a place I would visit at night, but incredibly interesting to enjoy in daylit hours. The biggest draw is the still-intact wooden roller coaster slowly being overtaken by nature. Some of the buildings look interesting, but with collapsed floorboards and sagging roofs a bit too unstable to venture inside (spookiest was the "Inferno House"). Everything is painted in the most delightful colors though--some buildings also featuring a variety of stripes and murals and stars for a very festive feel. Definitely one of those places where I just excitedly stop and take pictures and then have to run to catch up with my friends who have advanced into other corners of the park...

Outfit details:
UO bomber (old, similar here)
Triptych dress



  1. What a gorgeous location!

  2. Definitely cool! It looks like it has a jungle theme with all the plants growing through everything.


  3. Only knew your blog for a few days, but it's on my list of favorites!
    I love the places photographed, and you, are super adorable!
    I'm following you :)

  4. The last picture is pretty creepy! But I just love this place. There's a similar abandoned theme park in Germany that I've read about. It has these huge dinosaur statues that look super creepy and even an old wooden ferris wheel! I would love to visit the park one day, but it's strictly forbidden to go inside :( Anyway, I love your outfit. That dress is awesome! x

  5. Yipes! That is pretty eerie! Especially the last picture. Great place to do outfit pictures!! Alex

  6. Really cute outfit Rebecca!! How come you did not wear your saddle shoes? Oh I have a pair of white knee socks like them they were really cheap and I bought them from ebay. Here is the link if your interested

    You can get more colours here

    Have a Great Day!!

  7. Wow, this is amazing! how do you find such fantastic locations? Are you sure you do not live in a movie?

  8. These places are amazing! I really need to find where they are at! New item on the bucket list, for sure!

    Also, I'm absolutely loving your dress - so pretty especially with those over the knee socks!


  9. Better places in eire! :P

  10. This is so cool! How/where did you find this place?

    xoxo Sarah Beth
    Caring Cowls

  11. Loving that jacket!


  12. dude. How did you find this place? I've spent hours scouring the internets for abandoned theme park spots in the East, and I can never really find anything that looks this intact! I want to see this in person sooo bad. is it in pennsylvania?

  13. Oh wow! These photos are incredible! A little spooky, but totally amazing. You look so cute, and I love this glimpse into this abandoned amusement park!

    xox Sammi

  14. Such a great pairing of location and outfit - I always find myself leaving your blog feeling so inspired! Thanks for sharing : )

  15. Amazing photography, the place is so cool!

  16. This place is amazing. Love these photos and your outfit is very nice too.

  17. You look fantastic dear! ;)
    Fantastic pictures too! *

  18. Oh my goodness, This looks like it was an incredible adventure! Your outfit pictures are always inspiring & so are the places you shoot in- Honestly I wish there were more places like those near me. Great job!

  19. There's an abandoned amusement park in my hometown and it's really quite eerie to visit. But also awesome. Love this post :)

    Life of Mabel

  20. Okay. Now I'm so glad you shared more pics from this abandoned theme park. From your other post, it seemed like there wasn't much to see or photograph there. It looks like such a cool place! I would love to sneak into an abandoned theme park.

  21. @Jhan, it's a different theme park. There wasn't anything at the other one.


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