Whether In Chains Or In Laurels

I really love floral headbands. I started wearing them in college and haven't ever really looked back. My preference though tends to be smaller buds and more subtle ones (mostly since I think large rose headbands and the like make my head look tiny). So, I'm quite of fan of this one from Modcloth--it's as delicate as a little vine of flowers. I think it adds a nice finishing touch to a basic outfit, making everything more personal without being overpowering. Also, I think it looks rather fun with my petite ponytail. It's been ages since I could manage a ponytail and this one is rather pithy from my former standards, but it's still a nice step towards longer hair and fairly effective at keeping my neck cooler on these hotter days. Unfortunately, my tiny tail might be disappearing soon as I'm going in for a cut and color shortly. I really just want to do something about the shaggy quality my hair has right now and change up the color, but I'm going to go with my hairdresser's advice for a transitioning cut and that could mean losing a tiny bit of length...We shall see.


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