A Picture Is A Secret About A Secret

Shortly after I hunted down this Polaroid camera a friend offered me her family's old one for free...irony. I also can't use the term irony without that infamous Alanis Morissette song playing in my head. Anyway, I think this is the summer I'll finally use the last of my Polaroid film--I've been quite stingy with it since it can be so expensive. If the previous pattern continues then I'll likely find some expired Polaroid film for cheap at a thrift store after I purchase Impossible Project film! Oh well, the story does end with two sweet cameras in my possession so it's hardly a sad tale.

Outfit details:
Shop Koshka skirt (similar skirt)
bag c/o Modcloth (sold out, similar here)
UO blue velvet nail polish


Nikki said...

those shoes are amazing! love this look.


Mabel said...

I don't know why Polaroid cameras had to go away. My family had one when I was a kid and it was the best. I like having physical pictures but I always hated getting film developed. Digital photos are great, too, but again, no physical photo to touch. Polaroids are the best!

Life of Mabel

Lily said...

Ah, you look so polished and cute! Haha, doesn't that always happen? We buy something only to get it as a gift later...or to find the one we already have!

I really love your tan skirt--what a versatile piece! And your bug top is so quirky and cute!

P.S. I totally did the creeper thing and looked through your remix archives, where I saw that you used to have much longer hair. I'm thinking about getting a pixie cut too, but I'm terrified! What was cutting your hair off like for you?

Rebekah Bradford said...

I've had stuff like that happen before. You look everywhere for an item...and then BAM after you buy it, someone gives you one or you find it much cheaper. Oh well! At least you have two now! And I just love the skirt in this outfit :)

meira said...

Great hair-shirt matching :)

Kitsune-kun said...

I almost just bought a cool old, probably working polaroid camera, but chickened out in case I couldn't find film for it, and then after I left Utah I found out about impossible project. *d'oh* .

Loutch said...

Your hair, mon dieu... SO amazing !
Love from France,

Klara said...

I have one such Polaroid camera and used some Impossible Project film with it back when they have been releasing their first batches. The results were fun to look at until the image faded ;). Way overpriced. But I hear the quality of their films has improved greatly over time. Hope you have a lot of fun with your old Polaroid film and then, hopefully, with some new from IP! Will you post some photos when you take them?

MarieBayArea said...

Cute skirt!

ftashion said...

Cute outfit! It was so sad when polaroid stopped their production, think many have turned towards instax but they just don't seem the same but have to make do due to the lack of polaroid film.


pamella said...

Hi Rebecca! This is not really related to your entry but I have to say I can't help but notice how healthy and youthful your skin is. Can you feature your skin care routine sometime in the future? And also, I do love your make up. So light and natural looking.

Christina said...

Hi there. This skirt always makes me smile, I love it! And I just had to comment about how lovely the beetle print matches your hair. Makes me wish my hair would stand a pemanent treatment... :)