Blind Leading The Blind

There's a strange phenomenon in having an online presence where you are somehow deemed an expert merely by existence, or at the very least you receive a plethora of questions you are ill-equipped to answer. Most of my questions come through Tumblr these days and usually refer to style--at least I'm no longer receiving questions about choosing a college because that's a far heavier matter. Still, when I receive a question on how to dress a petite body I'm mostly at a loss. Petite is only one marker of body type and while I'm 5'1" the only petite person I routinely dress is myself and am always influenced by my own preferences for vintage-inspired silhouettes and short skirts. I usually try to balance my answers with reminders I only know what I like on myself while attempting to be helpful. More troubling are the plethora of questions I've received on my hair--to get the same color does it need to be bleached before dyed, what dyes are best, and maintenance after--questions I'm still figuring out as I only dyed my hair a few weeks ago. At least I've been petite since youth! Anyway, I don't mind most questions because I enjoy interacting with people online and being helpful, it just feels like "the blind leading the blind" sometimes...


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