Blind Leading The Blind

There's a strange phenomenon in having an online presence where you are somehow deemed an expert merely by existence, or at the very least you receive a plethora of questions you are ill-equipped to answer. Most of my questions come through Tumblr these days and usually refer to style--at least I'm no longer receiving questions about choosing a college because that's a far heavier matter. Still, when I receive a question on how to dress a petite body I'm mostly at a loss. Petite is only one marker of body type and while I'm 5'1" the only petite person I routinely dress is myself and am always influenced by my own preferences for vintage-inspired silhouettes and short skirts. I usually try to balance my answers with reminders I only know what I like on myself while attempting to be helpful. More troubling are the plethora of questions I've received on my hair--to get the same color does it need to be bleached before dyed, what dyes are best, and maintenance after--questions I'm still figuring out as I only dyed my hair a few weeks ago. At least I've been petite since youth! Anyway, I don't mind most questions because I enjoy interacting with people online and being helpful, it just feels like "the blind leading the blind" sometimes...



  1. I always find it very fun to get questions--especially if I can answer them! It's just that feeling when you actually know the answer to something :p anyways, gorgeous dress!

  2. Sorry, I must say it. I hate your shoes, I just hate. But I do love your dress <3

  3. @Katie Frank, haha you're allowed. My boyfriend doesn't like them much either, however I love them. :)

  4. Ha! Yes, I receive questions on all manner of things, which I always feel duty-bound to answer (but wondering why anyone would ask me at the same time.)
    I do wonder something about your hair, since you mention it, I don't understand how you've managed to completely avoid the awkward growing-out phase from very short hair to bob length...a transition I've made several times before, looking odd every bit of the way, each time. You must have magical powers. The only explanation. :)

  5. I'm OBSESSED with the shoes. :)

  6. Oh,it's a cute dress. And amazing shoes!!!

  7. I love this outfit, but I have to tell you, you can see your unmentionables in the second photo!

  8. I always get so excited when those sandals make an appearance.


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