Blog Birthday

It's my blog birthday! It's wild to me that six years ago I started this fashion blog. I can hardly think of anything that lasted in my life for six years--it's longer than I've lived in a single state, longer than I attended any school, etc. Through study abroad, college graduation, and post-graduation moving around this blog has remained one constant in my life. Rather funny. Anyway, this afternoon I'll recap some events and changes from the past six years, for now I've continued my annual tradition of a special video shot just for this occasion. I took advantage of all the fireworks people have been setting of this month to add to the festive mood. I hope you enjoy!

Outfit details:
Shop Ruche earrings 
Zara jacket (similar here)
Zara dress (similar here)
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (similar here)
*pictures and video by Jon



  1. Congrats for The Clothes Horse! is my favorite blog to read and I love the way you express yourself in so many different ways.

    Go Rebecca! We love you! Thanks for so much inspiration!

    Love from México.

  2. Congrats pet! Sweet Vid! ;)

  3. Congratulations! Quite a few blogs I read are having birthdays at the moment. Seems to have been the thing to do at the start of the summer. The sparklet photos are beautiful. I love that you do themed shoots for the blog's birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday to the Best Blog ever! Awesome vid!

  5. Happy Bolday, Enjoy!

  6. What a beautiful video! I am so glad that you have kept up your blog, and for six whole years! What an amazing accomplishment :) :)

  7. how lovely, i adore this pictures

  8. Happy blog birthday!!!!! Wow, 6 years, that is quite a mark. It still is one of my fave blogs around, and the best written of them all.

  9. Congratulations for the 6 years! I have been following for most of them! Love your outfits, locations and writing. Wish you lots of more years and adventures to come! :)

    The cat, you and us

  10. Happy blog birthday, congratulation Rebecca!!!

  11. Happy blogiversary!!! Weird question of the day: Where did you get your socks? I can never find ones that don't look like gym socks.

  12. @Kallie, I actually bummed them from my housemate--she borrows my dresses & I borrow her socks & random stuff like that. :) I'm still away from home, but when I see her I'll see if she remembers and leave you a comment on your blog.

  13. Congrats! This is hilarious. I actually did a very similar post on my blog for my one month anniversary! See it here:

  14. I love this video, it's beautifully made! Congratulations on six years, what an achievment!


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