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Luckily they don't show up in pictures too much, but my legs are criss-crossed with mosquito bites lately. Such are the marks of the season for someone who keeps forgetting to put bug repellant on and wanders through fields and forests. I think it's worth the spots and itchiness to find a little solace outside of the city. When I was younger I often thought I'd settle in a city one day. I enjoyed my experiences abroad in bustling cities with daily routines of public transportation and crowded spaces, but now I'm much more comfortable in the countryside. It's a different set of routines; cars are necessary, noise is minimal, and sometimes it's nearly an hour drive to get to a friend's house or restaurant of your choice, but I even enjoy those drives. The time getting to places becomes part of the routine and forces me away from my phone or another distraction to just focus on driving and the passing scenery. I can live in a city long term if I must, but at this point I'd prefer not to.

Outfit details:
Zara jacket (similar here)
vintage belt
Topshop sandals (old, similar here)



  1. Loving that jacket!


  2. love that dress!


  3. actually this dress is adorable <3

  4. The country or a quiet, leafy suburb with hills and trees beats living in the city any day IMHO.

    That's a lovely print on your pretty dress!

  5. in this light your hair color looks green! <3 so pretty!!! :)

    Carla Cee

  6. Beautiful and so adorable! I am so in love with your dress and how you paired it with that simple jacket! I also prefer living in the countryside (well, maybe not, but I'm not really into the busy and bustling city). That bag is so adorable <3

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  7. Very cute! Your hair looks really awesome in this :)
    I live in the country now and I gotta say I disagree with you! I love the city, but I'm sure when (if) I move there I'll miss the country. :D

  8. Beautiful dress! I learned the hard way that I have to spray myself silly with bug spray. Mosquitoes love me way too much for me to forget these days.

    xox Sammi

  9. That dress is gorgeous and I'm also really loving that bag!



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