Book Lover

When I was shooting these pictures I started to think about how I naturally hold books--which is, I tend to hug them close to my body. From childhood on, I've always carried them this way, clutched close to me. I think it might have been a bit of a security shield when I was younger; a way of putting up some barrier between me and the world. Nowadays I still cling to my novels, wrapping both arms around them and clutching them to my chest but it feels as if I'm trying to hold a dear friend close.
Anyway, the book is old and familiar to me, but the shoes and bag are new thanks to my sponsor BaliELF. I'm pretty excited to have another pair of shoes that nearly match my hair this summer--the wedges are super comfortable as well so I think I'll be wearing them as often as I find pieces to coordinate with. Based on these shoes I'm already coveting a pair of their leather ballet flats, my favorite vintage pair is falling apart.

Outfit details:
Fred Flare dress (old)
BaliELF l'amour purse c/o
*pictures by Jon


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