Sunday Remix

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Got this dress in early 2011 and I'm still wearing it on a regular basis. It's one of my "go-tos" for warmer days in spring or summer; I like how the color and shape make so much of a statement that you don't need to add much. There's a similar style dress here from ASOS, which is also where mine was originally from. This is the sort of dress I almost wish I had in every color because it is so lovely to wear.


MarieBayArea said...

That dress! Yay!

sirje p├Áder said...

I have that dress in red. Bought in Pristina, never wore.

walking dot photography said...

it's so cute! Dresses in the summertime are the best.

Niki said...

That dress is so pretty! I love the colour :)


Rebekah Bradford said...

That's a gorgeous dress and I love seeing all your different hairstyle :)

Sofie Han said...

Amazing post :)
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xx Sofie