Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I really like cute wallets and coin purses. My first wallet was a sequined pineapple I found in a thrift store; I used it for many years through college until the sequins started to fall off. My current wallet mimics a dictionary and now I get to add this cloud-shaped and rain drop embroidered pouch to my little collection. It's not the sort of thing I often show in a blog post, but your wallet and coin pouch is something many people end up seeing. I usually receive a compliment whenever I do end up pulling out my wallet at a store or restaurant and I don't think this pouch will be any exception to that rule. It was also appropriate to feature this item on a cloudy day as I sought a bit of shelter from the rain under this tree for pictures!


Nikki Williams said...

those shoes are so cute!



Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

adorable photos!


Lauren said...

That is so cute! My only problem is that I hate having to carry stuff around, and I also hate purses (nothing personal, purses!), so I have to get a wallet that will fit in my pocket. Thankfully there are cute "man wallets" out there!

Buuut that cloud one is really adorable ... I could see myself using it on a fancy day when my dress didn't have pockets (which, I think it should be a law that everything has a pocket).

Okay sorry for spamming your comments by going on a rant about pockets, hah.

Katarina | DARE 2 WEAR said...

This is amazing! :)


Rebekah Bradford said...

I love cute wallets too! Although I have to get one small enough to fit into the awesome, but tiny, purse I just thrifted :) the pineapple wallet sounds so cute!

Carla Cee said...

so sweet look <3

Carla Cee

Davina said...

i love the color of your heels!! Seychelles has the comfiest, yet chic shoes!

jessie said...

that is really a cute wallet! :)


MarieBayArea said...

Whimsical dress, shoes, umbrella, and pouch? Check, check, check, and check! And that hair!!!

à la Mode St. said...

Very cute. I need a new wallet, because mine's falling apart :-( I haven't changed it in a while, because you're right... it's not something you'd feature in a blog post!