Night Lights

Quite into weird, slightly out-of-focus prints lately. This one is just the latest in a long line of dresses I'm either admiring or acquiring that feature an interesting print that makes you feel as if your eyes are having trouble focusing. This one is a nice refreshing length and was constructed with too often neglected pockets. I've worn it around my house several times now, but when my friend's father's band was playing a set I had a nice excuse to throw on a pair of heels and curl my hair.

Outfit details:
H+M cardigan
Seychelles heels (old, similar style)
purse c/o Modcloth
*pictures by Kate



  1. I am loving this curly mini-bob your pixie is turning into! It kindof makes you look like a cartoon character, like your hair is drawn!


  2. Oh, man, that's a pretty dress. Perfect for a night out!

  3. Love that dress! It's a really cool pattern. I also like the cardigan--it's cool that I've seen it so much on your blog because obviously it's a very remix-able piece!

  4. Loving everything about this dress!


  5. That dress is too cool! I love all of these futuristic looking pieces you have!

  6. Wow! That is a fantastic dress. And it certainly goes splendidly with the new blue hair! I will have to look into getting a similar dress. It looks like it could be remixed in so many ways!

  7. Great dress and I love your new hair!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. You're so cute! You remind me of Maggie Gyllenhaal


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