Shock Proof

While it was quite fun shocking my housemates the morning after I put this tattoo on, the ink will rub off in about a week and I haven't made any new intentional scars on my skin. One of my friends gave me this vintage camera temporary tattoo at Christmas and I saved it until now so that the ink would be visible with the maximum number of outfits. I really like the look of tattoos, but I prefer to keep my permanent ink in places easier to hide. Part of me still worries that "one day" I might want to work in an office or some other environment that would frown upon a wrist or arm tattoo. So, the only openly visible tattoos I'll be sporting right now are temporary ones. It was definitely a fun and creative gift to receive and I look forward to surprising a few more people with my new tattoo before everyone realizes it is fake.



  1. You have a smart take on tattoos. I have two tattoos on my forearm. Although I love them and they are so meaningful to me, some days I wish I could just peel them off temporarily.

    (And can I ask what kind of filter/action you use to get those effects on your photos?)

  2. Love that temporary tattoo! So cool! I sometimes really want a tattoo, but I think a temporary tattoo would be best!

  3. Love the tattoo! Haha! Good story...

  4. Temporary tattoos have changed so much.

  5. I adore what you wrote in the Louise Brooks post. Words so true.

  6. Because comments are closed on recent post about LouLou, I tried sending via email but even though I had less than 300 characters the message I kept receiving was that I had more than 300, so I gave up. I have been a fan of Louise Brooks ever since I was 16, a fan of her acting, her looks, her style, but mostly her standing up for what she finds is fair, and just. I must say I feel quite "close" to her as I once stood up for my rights professionally and have been shunned ever since from finding a job... so no, talent and hardwork do not always make for a succes story. Bowing down to the powers that be, on the other hand, do.

  7. Albeit temporary, it suits you so well! My trouble with tattoos is that I change my mind so much about what I would actually get and where I would put it, so I'm probably far too fickle for anything permanent.


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