A Matter Of Perspective

Photography is such a lie. Some of my most scenic locations are a matter of perspective. While I live in Pennsylvania which has nice countryside I don't actually end up miles from civilizations in my posts. It's mostly about turning the lens away from a nearby road or even parking lot. These pictures were taken on a school campus just to the side of a number of buildings and carefully angled to hide the houses on the other side. Sometimes the most seemingly quiet hamlet is actually rather busy...

Outfit details:
DKNY heels (old)
Kenneth Cole watch
*pictures by Jon


Kitsune-kun said...

ha. yep! I remember when I posted these photos (http://ohpageboys.blogspot.com/2012/10/happy-halloween-from-hogwarts.html) a bunch of people where all like 'ahhhh hooowww you're over water' and I remember being like... 'um...I just didn't include the ground? surprise?'

I like these ones with the tree framing the right. so pretty. I can't believe how long your hairs are getting, too!

October Rebel said...

Ah, careful angles! There's a small strip of trees in our back yard that - at the right angle - looks like a beautiful pine forest.

I really love the structure of those 'Luck be a Lady' dresses - and the horse print is so charming.

Rebekah Bradford said...

It is interesting how different pictures would look if we included all the surroundings! In most of my pictures if I turned the camera around you would see a swing set, a trampoline, and a barn!

love the belt you're wearing with this dress!

MarieBayArea said...

That belt is insane in a good way! And your dress is perfect for you

Bronté Collett said...

It is such a beautiful location though eh?

Niki said...

That's so cool that this isn't miles away from any known life form... :)
I love your dress so much!


Leeds said...

whoa, the print of that dress is so cool! & your hair is growing out so fast! it still looks ridiculously good, so jelly!!

at this volume

OrigamiGirl said...

Your photos are so good! I love the magical quality they have, the way you seem more real than anything else in the picture, and the rest is fairyland. I want to learn how to take pictures like this! :)