Sunday Remix

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I nearly forgot I had this dress; it somehow ended up shoved in the back of my closet and not in it's properly color-coordinated section. I re-found it this summer though and immediately wore out. I don't know why I don't wear it more often, except perhaps that there is a lack styling inspiration for the dress. It has such a nice shape to it and the vintage glass buttons down the front are so decorative that it looks best on it's own. As obvious from the pictures, I think it's a wonderful twirling dress, even when you're merely walking the skirt just moves beautifully. Nina (the designer) named it "The Crybaby dress" and describes how it should be worn on summer adventures--which definitely sounds ideal.



  1. First one is my favourite. I absolutely adore the owl bag and the hairstyle. It's very chic with a modern twist.

  2. It's a very pretty dress. I'm a new reader, so it's weird to see you with long hair :)

  3. Eeep I have the same owl bag in brown and I adore it! I've had to stop using it as after a year and a half it was starting to feel its age. ):

  4. Love the site! I would love to chat more about it. Could you please email me at Thanks!

  5. such a beautiful dress, i love skirts like that! :)


  6. I seriously love this dress...and every way you wore it! It's gorgeous!

  7. Awww, the last photo is my favorite.

  8. Great to know that you color coordinate your closet!

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