Abandoned By Reason

Last week Thomas and I drove to the abandoned theme park and after climbing the fence past the various no trespassing signs we promptly got caught in a thunderstorm and downpour that left us huddled under one of the pavilions for at least ten minutes. The storm only added to the wonderfully spooky atmosphere of the park and created enormous puddles where everything was reflected in as if a second upside-down world was within a single misstep. Slightly overdramatic description perhaps, but abandoned spaces have a certain ambiance to them that sparks the imagination. There was a time constraint on our visit that prevented us from poking around every corner, but it was still a pretty enjoyable afternoon. Pretty much every fun outing with Thomas ends with the same wistful feeling of "why isn't there more time in the day?"

Outfit details:
Dear Creatures dress (old, same style here)
*pictures by Thomas


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